Thursday, 16 April 2015

Confessions of a blogger… Nearly two years down the line

Confessions of a blogger, two years down the line

A little less than two years ago I started this blog. In all honesty, I’ve actually had this blog for much longer, as it originally started out as something I had to keep updated as part of module at university. At the time my blog was only open to read by my tutors so was private to the public. After that module was complete, my blog took a back step until I decided to pick it back up after finishing university and took a whole different direction to my ‘university diary’.

After reading this post by Joana a few weeks ago it inspired me to write this post but with a twist; as I’m not what you would probably class as a ‘newbie blogger’. So here are my confessions… nearly two years down the line.

I always worry that my blog isn’t good enough 

This blog has been my personal space for two years, and I’m always trying to strive to make this blog as best as it can be for me personally. Like every other blogger I do have days, or weeks when I sometimes feel like it’s utterly rubbish or not up to scratch. There are so many well written and fantastic blogs out there that it is hard to not compare the quality or the number of followers. I then remember this blog is me and my personal space, so heck with all my worries!

No one really knows about my blog

I don’t why, but I’ve never really openly spoke about my blog to friends and family, as I’m scared about what they will think. I’m not 100% ready for people who are close to me to know about my blog just yet. I did mention about my blog in a job interview which was pretty nerve racking, and it only came about as it was relevant to the job. So a few of my current employers do know about my blog but that’s it, and even that thought is sometimes cringe worthy to think about!

I don’t have a strict routine 

This is a tough one, as there are so many people out there who tell you to stick to a routine, blah, blah, blah. JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT! Whether you have a routine or happen to be slap dash about blogging, it’s your personal space so do what you like with it. I blog when I feel like it and when I have the time. Like many other bloggers I work full-time and sometimes blogging is the last thing I want to be doing after a long day or week. I do try and have a few blogs scheduled to keep my blog updated but it’s no biggie for me if I don’t.

Finding the time to get all the ideas from my head onto my blog

I love blogging and creating content, and I have all these ideas running though my head but it is hard to find the time and motivation to get all these posts written. Sometimes I just have too many ideas so instead of going straight in and writing a post I will create a title, save it as a draft and come back to a few days or weeks later and see if I still feel a spark for this post.

The best part of blogging

Talking to other like-minded people, feeling inspired and of course new and old followers coming back for more.

A few other confessions to let you in on 

| All my photos are taken on my phone, not a fancy camera
| I don't have an all white room to get those Pinterest worthy photos
| It can sometimes be hard to switch off from blogging mode
| I don't utilise Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest anywhere near as much as I should - I hoping to work on this, especially on Pinterest & Twitter

Monday, 30 March 2015

5 Things To Do In Bruges

View of Bruges from the Belfort Tower

Easter is coming up and it’s one of the perfect times to plan a little get away. A city worthy of visit, especially if you’re looking for a weekend city break, is Bruges. It's a little under a year since we visited Bruges and it still remains fondly in my mind - see my post here. I would love to go back and revisit the quaint, picturesque city that is full of life, culture and architecture for miles around. Bruges is famous for it’s chocolatiers and as you can expect there were chocolates shops around every corner, full of an array of delicious chocolates to choose from. 

If you are considering a city break, keep Bruges in mind and keep your eye out for the 2 for 1 deals that P&O Ferries offer from time to time – this is how we booked our visit. Despite going during a peak time and hotel prices being slightly pricier, we couldn’t have picked a better hotel or a better time than Easter to visit. We stayed in this Ibis Budget Hotel and it couldn’t have been in any better position; the train and bus station are right on the doorstep and the city centre is only a 10 minute walk away.  

So today I thought I’d thought I’d give you a low down on 5 Things To Do In Bruges

. Canal tours . 

A canal tour is a must. It’s the best way to see this beautiful city in all her glory is on one of the many canal tours that are offer. The canal tours are not only informative but your tour guide will make this half hour trip full of fun – or at least our tour guide did.

If you’d rather see this beautiful city in style, take a guided tour on a horse-drawn carriage.
  Canal Tour Bruges

. Belfort Tower . 

Towering 83m above the square this wonderful Belfort Tower, offers 360-degree views around - once you’ve climbed the claustrophobic 366-steps to the top. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but the views make it all worthwhile once you’ve reach the top. You’ll even get to see the belfry’s 47-bell carillon in all its glory, that is still played manually to this day.

Expect queues in peak seasons, as there is a limit on the number of visitors that are allowed up the tower at once.

Belfort Tower 47 Bell Carillon

. Markt . 

Bruges’ market is a large open square bustling with life and character dusk-til-dawn and full of old world charm. Soak up the atmosphere and find horse-drawn carriages, open-air restaurant, sit and watch the world go by on a warm day and take a snap shot of the famous Belfort Tower that stands tall at the heart of this wonderful city. 

Bruges Markt

. Choco story . 

Absorb yourself in the history of the cocoa bean, where you will learn about the choco-history, watch a video on the cocoa production. At the very end of the tour you can even stay and watch as a chocolatier makes a tray of chocolate right before your eyes, you'll even get to sample a freshly made chocolate  afterwards. 

Choco Story Bruges

. Museum, Galleries and Churches . 

If you’re a lover of art, you will be in your element with all the galleries and museums that are on offer. Take a wander inside, or view  the beautiful churches from outside; whatever you decide you will be left in awe from their magnificence.

Church of Our Lady Bruges

An added little extra… 

. Da Vinci . 

Choose between an array of luscious and extraordinary flavours of freshly made ice cream at this gelateria. My personal favourite was the snickers flavour. I still reminisce about the ice creams to this day, and would do anything to have one those ice creams right now.
  Da Vinci Ice Cream Bruges

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Home Decor Inspiration Moodboard

Home Decor Inspiration

As mentioned in this post we’re currently in the process of decorating our living room and dining room and are expecting our sofa to make its arrival in the next few weeks. Whilst we’ve got the colour scheme sorted, or so I hope once it’s on the wall, we haven’t got some of the finer details sorted that help make a house a home.

I’ve always got some crazy ideas going on in my head as to what I’d like but have to reign myself in as I can get carried away. I’m addicted to Pinterest and have found it to be the perfect place for me to get some amazing inspiration for home d├ęcor.

1 | Nothing screams home more than a comfortable sofa, especially after a long and hard day or work, with cushions and throws for added comfort and warmth. They are also one the simplest ways to add colour and texture into a room.

2 & 3 | I’ve not even thought ahead to curtain but one thing I do like the look of is these tie backs.

4 | We are in desperate need of a notice / pin board for those all-important letters and I think this would make the perfect DIY. All you need is an old photo frame, paint or spray pant, fabric and cork board.

5 | Isn’t this table just gorgeous? After seeing this pin I couldn’t resist buying one of the rollers from The Painted House and I’ve already made a start on DIY-ing a nest of coffee tables we were given.
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